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Dolby Laboratories

Postings and information from Dolby Laboratories and other authorities on sound and cinema. Writers include Andi Fisher and Thom Brekke part of Dolby's social media team with guest posters from time to time.
Dec 19 '12

Sotaro Tojima is a name that brings a smile to many gamers faces. Until recently, he was a personality that PlayStation lovers were likely to know for his work on the Metal Gear Solid franchise, one of that system’s staple exclusives, and now Xbox fans have gotten to hear his work on a major exclusive of their own, Halo 4. 

As the audio lead on Halo 4, Tojima had control over all aspects of the game’s sound, from score to sound effects, and was able to shape the game’s sonic world to create a unique experience. In this video, Tojima discusses his favorite audio moments in the game, how he approached having the game scored, how he and his team developed some of the sounds of the game’s alien world, and more.

Have you played Halo 4? What were some of your favorite sound moments in the game?

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